US mulls White House with the temporary funding bill to avert a government shutdown crisis

11月 6, 2019

Reference Information Network on 6 November, the report claimed, U.S. lawmakers and White House official local time on 5 November, said congressional and White House are discussing the establishment of government institutions to Act on 21 November, the current funding expires after the hold operation,The goal is to avoid the government due to run out of money by closing the doors.

Reuters reported on 6 November, the Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Shelby, claimed that the interim allocation of the period of validity of the bill might be a lot of flux, which is a trade - off.

The period of validity of the bill are possible through mid - December, even until the year 2020.Shelby says: "Another one I considered a deadline of the end of February. But I also have been entirely miscalculation."

Reported that because Congress failed to complete the October 1 start of fiscal year 2020 regular appropriations bills require a temporary bill to fund them.

The report also said that comes as Democrats push to impeach President Trump, House Democrats have been targeting Mr. Trump's" Black Door "launched a formal impeachment investigation.

By the end of November or December, the House of Representatives or the articles of impeachment of Mr. Trump's call for a thorough debate and vote.Trump has denied any wrongdoing.

Reported that Republicans and Democrats are aware once Congress mired in impeachment battle with Trump might cause political chaos.

The report also said a government shutdown that could trigger a global financial market turmoil, while China is: Can the federal government to respond to crises of deep concern.

According to Singapore's" lianhe zaobao "web site reported that the White House legislative affairs director You Lan, said the White House for the adoption of a short - term spending bill, will shut down the government deadline has been extended to December open.

You Lan (local time) on 5 November on Capitol Hill's comments are likely to reduce the federal government in the House of Representatives impeachment investigation during the standstill of the probability.The current stopgap spending measures will expire on 21 November.

Reported that Democrats and Republicans to Mr. Trump whether the border wall construction to provide new funds and stop - gap spending measures the duration of the disagreement.Some lawmakers a proposal to postpone spending decisions for weeks, while some other members argued for the appropriations bills until February or March.

You said: "center of gravity that seems to be around 12 months of that date." He said, when the stopgap spending measure preserves many of Trump's policy priorities, the president appears open to signing the bill.

Mr. Trump said last week he would not rule out the possibility of a lockout after the government again.He said: "I will not promise anything."

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