Johnson urged the prime minister, called Mr. Trump released part of the tariff commodity

11月 6, 2019

BEIJING, Nov. 6 from a government spokesman said in a statement, British Prime Minister Johnson 5 sent a telegram to President Trump, urged his release including Scotland's whisky, or to a section of the tariffs on goods.

The statement also said Johnson also urged Mr. Trump not to impose tariffs on exports.

According to reports, the White House related to the call of the statement, not just the two leaders to discuss trade issues and to provide any details.

The White House said, "The two leaders reaffirm, once again, once the UK leaves the EU, they will be committed to strong bilateral free trade agreements, to strengthen the special relationship","The president also stressed the importance of its NATO allies for the defense of necessity of the strong capital".

Reported that 10 American of Scottish whisky and other European states to impose 25% tariffs in retaliation for the EU's large aircraft subsidies.

In addition, the government is threatening to Trump on EU automobiles and parts of up to 25% of the tariff.Washington will have until Nov. 14, the decision whether to implement these tariff policy.Allegedly, the relevant tariff policy implementation has been postponed for six months, trade experts say, could happen again.

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