Facebook privacy leaks can blow into the is the way non - stop

11月 6, 2019

Facebook(194.32, -0.40, -0.21%)The user of the platform was again faced with a crisis of confidence.

Facebook said on Tuesday, the platform starts to limit the user related information after a few months, with the cooperation of more than 100 third - party application may have by Facebook engineering group of the programming interface to access a user's personal data.These may involve leaked information includes user name and the personal pictures, but Facebook does not disclose the specific number of affected users.

April 2018, Cambridge (Cambridge Analytica analysis company, is accused of illegally obtaining the information of the user on the Facebook platform, covering up to 50 million.In this after the scandal broke, Facebook immediately limiting the relevant software application, but the officials said, more outside developers through APIs by retaining access to the user basic information of the time,Facebook initiatives cannot completely protect user information.

US media reported in July 2019, and Facebook and the FTC settled the dispute, and 2018 for the analysis of Cambridge privacy leaks scandal by up to 50 billion dollars in fines.The staggering is the fact that, in the outgoing Facebook fan by (fined for) breaking the news, its shares rising 1. 81%, a growth company with a market capitalisation of 104 billion dollars, the profits far in excess of the amount of fines.

This does not imply a new Facebook privacy scandal completely extricated myself, for the social platform, information protection is not easy to walk on the road.On 18 October, the brand consultancy Interbrand released the "2019" Best Global Brands report, "Facebook's ranking fell out of the top ten.Interbrand, a New York office of the chief executive of Daniel in a later interview mentioned in the litany of the user's privacy and security measures on any lack ofAnd said, adversely affecting the consumer's selection thereof.

Just two days later, Facebook is once again embroiled in a lawsuit over privacy.On 20 October, foreign media reported, Illinois residents on Facebook abuse its facial recognition data of the event made a collective appeal, if Facebook cannot win this appeal,Will face a nearly $35 billion, a huge indemnity.

Tuesday for the latest privacy leak, and with at least 11 software developers was confirmed in the past within 60 days of the visit was supposed to be closed of the user information, even though Facebook revealed"there is no relevant information is evidence of abuse", but then again Facebook users have caused panic.Under heavy pressure, Facebook has said it expects to improve products or data access channel is changed in such a way to strengthen the protection of the privacy of the user,And ready to be announced on Wednesday its Messenger platform on the technique extension test case, in order to strengthen the protection of user data.

Facebook is expected to be held in Lisbon in technical meetings to further elaborate on the upcoming information encryption initiatives.Based on Facebook Messenger account and personal information of a high correlation is, independent of the account is mostly used for illegal crime, allowing more illegal account information which, apparently,Facebook has now decided to take the encryption measures likely to affect the police on account of the supervision and judgement.

"According to our agreement with the FTC, the new framework means that we are building and maintaining the product in a manner more accountability and transparency." Facebook on its platform.And for Facebook, giving consideration to the functioning of the platform and user privacy protection is still an urgent problem to be solved.

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